Is written by Damodar Bashyal, a certified Magento developer, and shows posts with practical solutions to problems submitted by the mainly technical audience. This is a blog for techies but It’s worth having a look – and having it in your list of resources – you never know, you might be able to show your development team how that change you need should be done!

2. Magento blog

Magento host a Blog/Wiki/Forum resource to help the community to share information. Go there to find official-ish information, best practices, customer stories and developers tips. Check the dates on some of the solutions – not always useful if the posts are from 2008 – as things have more often than not moved on. Magento also have their own on-demand tutorial called MagentoU (U for university), where you can find useful info, screencasts and video-courses, both paid and free of charge.

3. Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce uses its social media channels to publish independent articles and advice to help businesses succeed online. This blog is just not about Magento. However, given Magento’s position as the largest e-commerce platform in the marketplace, there is plenty of relevant information about it.

4. Inchoo

Inchoo states that “over 140,000 people searching for Magento related solution end up on this site every month”; with such amount of visitors they must be doing something right – and they are!. At Inchoo you will find out about the issues that they are facing on a daily basis, from new trends (for business managers) to sharing re-usable Magento code (for developers).

5. MageTraining

MageTraining is a Magento merchant training business, but on their blog are a range of useful articles looking at aspects of running your ecommerce store with the Magento platform. Really useful for looking at how you can get more out of Magento – and start to fully use its power.

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